ORIAZ Solar-Dripper is made in France with five years warranty

What is the SOLAR- DRIPPER?

The most efficient and advanced drip irrigation system – TOP WATER SAVER. Installed in 5 seconds without any tubing or electricity, the Solar-Dripper wll take care of your plants like no other system with a minimum of water. Water if applied to the heart of the root rather thank on the surface. The evaporation is sless than 1 %. Also, the irrigation rate is naturally syncrhronixed with the plant need.


The Solar-Dripper ® uses temperature variation to generate drips according to the weather conditions. It does not need electricity because thermal change naturally triggers the flow. The watering rate of the solar-driper varies depending on the size of the bottle used and its filling rate. The usual filling is 75%. You can slow the flow by filling the bottle to 90 % or accelerate it by filling it to 50 %. The volume of captive air in the bottle reacts to the heat of the sun by expanding and contracting when the temperature drops. Those dilation–contraction cycles trigger drops and aspiration of air bubbles.

You need a rigid glass or plastic bottle with a 28 mm neck. Glass bottles slow down the flow by 20 to 40%. The bigger the bottle, the more the flow will be abundant. For Orchid watering, we use 330 ml bottles.  For tomato plants, we use bottles from 1 to 2 liters. The Solar-Dripper becomes more and more responsive with the gradual increase of trapped air in the bottle. The flow is fastest at the end of the cycle. The average flow rates measured in practice range from as little as 0.3 ml/hour to water an orchid up to 500 ml/hour to water tomato plants.